Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (THE WORST ALBUM)

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (THE WORST ALBUM)


Milky Way (feat. Mariya Ise aka Stocking)TeddyLoid4:45¥250iTunes で見る2
Cherry Corrida I~cocks gone: the death of a bitch~TCY FORCE1:13¥250iTunes で見る3
D City Rock (TeddyLoid Live Remix)TeddyLoid & Debra Zeer6:02¥250iTunes で見る4
Cherry Corrida II~a case of Garterbelt's loss~TCY FORCE1:06¥250iTunes で見る5
Fly Away (Taku & TeddyLoid For the Club Edit)TeddyLoid5:14¥250iTunes で見る6
S-TripTCY FORCE2:01¥250iTunes で見る7
Cherry Corrida III~a case of Brief's loss~TCY FORCE0:43¥250iTunes で見る8
Ghost TownTeddyLoid4:06¥250iTunes で見る9
Cherry Corrida IV~dry bitch and wet goth girl~TCY FORCE2:06¥250iTunes で見る10
Beverly Hills Cock Part.2TCY FORCE1:59¥250iTunes で見る11
Theme for Panty & Stocking (Hoshina Anniversary Remix)Hoshina Anniversary4:52¥250iTunes で見る12
Cherry Corrida V~Dmitri Fullchinkov the cock chopper~TCY FORCE1:08¥250iTunes で見る13
Jumping Mole (Nerdcore Switch)Booty Bronx2:58¥250iTunes で見る14
Cherry Corrida VI~the advent of angels?~TCY FORCE0:59¥250iTunes で見る15
Cherryboy Riot Part.2TeddyLoid4:24¥250iTunes で見る16
"Cherry Corrida VII~black, huge, solid and stinky~"TCY FORCE0:56¥250iTunes で見る17
Yesline DubTeddyLoid3:47¥250iTunes で見る18
CHOCOLAT (TeddyLoid Remix) [feat. Mariya Ise]TCY FORCE5:30¥250iTunes で見る19
Cherry Corrida VIII~When You Wish upon a Hole~TCY FORCE0:41¥250iTunes で見る20
Fly Away (El Poco Maro Dubstep Remix)TeddyLoid3:22¥250iTunes で見る21
Cherry Corrida IX~cock chopper blues or cock fucker rhapsody~TCY FORCE2:37¥250iTunes で見る22
Champion (TeddyLoid Remix) [feat. Emyli]TCY FORCE5:02¥250iTunes で見る23
Cherry Corrida X~cocks back: the resurrection of a bitch~TCY FORCE1:13¥250iTunes で見る24
Fallen Angel (El Poco Maro Drum'n'Bass Remix) [feat. Aimee B]Mitsunori Ikeda6:00¥250iTunes で見る


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