Band: Swine Overlord
Album: Entheogenesis
Year: 2016
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: United States (West Winfield / Trenton)
 Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Label: Entheogenesis


1. I: The Creator
2. Severed From The Godhead
3. Graceless
4. Procreating The Offspring Of Gods And Men
5. II: The Preserver
6. (I)conoclasm
7. Invoking An Obsidian Liturgy (Feat. Tim Bee)
8. Riverchrist
9. A Delusion’s Paradise
10. III: The Destroyer
11. Altars Of A Putrid Resurrection (Feat. Jord James)
12. Voidweaver
13. Whispers Of The Ineffable
14. Gazing Into The Shadow’s Maw

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